Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On Securing the DNS

I don't plan to make a habit of talking about things specific to my job here... in fact, I will almost never do that. It's just easier than always having to disclaim any relationship to the views of my employer, and so forth. However, today I can't help but toot our own horn.

A few hours ago, Public Internet Registry (PIR – the manager of the .ORG Internet domain name) announced that the .ORG zone has been secured with DNSSEC, the DNS Security Extensions. This makes ORG the largest Top Level Domain that has been signed to date, and the only open registry to implement DNSSEC (open in the sense that all of the other signed TLDs are at registries which have restricted registration policies: six national TLDs, and .GOV).

1 comment:

  1. It is very questionable to say that a national TLD is not "open". As far as I know, .CZ, one the the signed TLD, has a very open policy, there is no requirment to be czech or to be in Czechia, for instance.