Monday, May 4, 2009

Undead is the New Chic

I'm not sure what it is... maybe it's the economy... maybe it's part of the overreaction to the swine flu (more on that later)... or maybe these things just come in cycles like cicada broods.. but whatever the reason, zombies seem to be on the rise right now.

Just this morning I was tweeting that in 28 days it will be the six year anniversary of my move to Ottawa. Of course, that led to an obvious joke. Almost immediately I heard back from @bestswineflu about his posted defense tips for the coming swine-flu-fed zombie apocalypse. It turns out that right about the same time, a friend of mine was announcing the grand opening of his new web site, The Daily Zombie – a news site for the informed zombie. Not to be left out of the zombie action today, @thinkgeek chose this afternoon to pass on this video showing the zombie defense training being inflicted on two Japanese kids. And that's just today.

Does the collective unconscious know something about the future that us poor individuals are missing?

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